What is swync?

swync helps you to stay in control of your digital identity! Register with swync and fill in your profile with your contact details. Share your profile with other swync users to stay in touch with them. You have complete control over who sees your digital YOU.

Why should I load the swync app?

Want to know who saved your number? Are you in control of your contact information? The swync app creates transparency in the contact management and at the same time you always have current contact information in your phone book.

How does swync work?

You simply have to take care of your own profile. swync automatically updates your profile on all of your contacts’ devices, which also have swync installed. The same thing happens with their contact data on your device, if they change anything.

How does swync match the data?

To identify and match a person’s profile, swync needs at least a first name, a last name and a phone number or email-address.

Is swync working in the background?

To sync the newest data from your swync-contacts, you need to open swync from time to time. Updated contact details will not be sychnronized when the app is closed.

Does swync copy contact details into my phonebook?

On Android phones, swync-contacts are automatically added to your phonebook. We are working on a similar solution for iPhone users.

Can I use swync on different devices?

Yes, you can. Either you log-in with the same account or you add a new account for each device you use, no matter if iOS or Android. It’s up to you.

Is there a browser-based version of swync?

Not yet. But we are thinking about a dashboard-version to manage your profile from your browser.


Which contacts do I see in swync?

After registration, swync asks you to import your contacts from your local addressbook on your smartphone. After the import all your contacts are also available in swync.

How can I invite my contacts to swync?

During the registration process swync asks you for permission to invite all your contacts via email. If you skipped this process, you can also invite single contacts later by using the swync button right to each contact.

How does swync deliver the invites?

Your contacts will be invited via email. If there’s no email-address saved in your local addressbook, swync uses the mobile phone number and sends a text message from your phone, which you can modify before sending.

Can I add contacts in swync?

Yes - but privacy rules prevent you from adding the contact automatically. So please wait for some days until the user approves your contact request.

Is swync deleting the data in my local phone book?

No - never! We are adding data and updating the label, so you can see, which contact detail comes from swync in case there is more than one (e.g email-address).


Where does swync store my data?

Privacy and Data Protection is of the utmost priority for us. Your data is protected by EU Data Protection Laws and is stored on servers in the European Union.

Is swync ad-based?

No, we do not show you any ads and we treat your data securely.


What are swync-groups?

You'd like to share your current mobile phone number with all your friends from the football club or your colleagues from a project team at work? With swync you can easily create a group and share your contact information with all of the group members.


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